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Computer Installation/Setup & Repair

Residential, Small Office and Home Office Services.

Avans technicians have vast experience in setup, configuration and optimization of your new or existing computers. Television ads, and store salesman will have you believe that computers are easier to use these days than programming your vcr clock. While we agree that hardware and software has come a long way... there is a clear difference in the results when you involve professionals.


Common Computer Services include:

  • Setup of newly purchased equipment (such as computers or peripherals)
  • Installation & configuration of basic software (such as antivirus)
  • Proper installation of peripherals (such as scanners, cameras & printers)
  • Recovery of lost or deleted files
  • Transfer of data
  • Setup of backup solutions
  • Synchronization of email and documents among computers
  • Optimization of computer performance
  • ...and much more.