Network Deployments and Security Services

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Whether improving a legacy system, integrating new hardware into an established setup, or building next generation solutions, Command has the experience and expertise to precisely meet your networking needs. We can help identify areas for improvement, enhance existing functionality, and streamline overall performance to provide your organization with a consistently reliable, next generation-ready technological backbone.

Network & System Architecture

Design :: Build :: Streamline

  • Network Engineering
  • Network Convergence
  • Network Migration
  • Database/Information Engineering
Optimal network performance is built on intelligently designed plans that address every user feature and functionality aspect. Command has the expertise required to scrutinize your organization, determining key system performance goals while also understanding the many challenges to integration and inter-operation that will emerge. This allows us to develop a detailed system architecture plans so that we enter subsequent phases, we are prepared to meet likely challenges, and remain poised to resolve unexpected developments. This front-end effort is vital to building a truly ready and reliable network that meets current organizational needs, and can adapt to meet future demands.
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Network Operations & Maintenance

Integration :: Performance :: Expansion

  • Network Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Netcentric Systems & Applications
  • Testing & IV & V
  • Systems Engineering
  • Technology Insertion
Ensuring near-flawless network performance requires ongoing attention; networks are not simply developed, installed, and left to function without proper oversight. Command brings singular awareness of ideal network performance requirements to its operations and maintenance efforts. Organizations benefit from having truly expert eyes on their networks, able to recognize issues and refine solutions before they become significant, often before they would be evident to the less experienced. This highly trained attention is the best available assurance that your organization’s networks continue to perform with welcome reliability.
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Information Assurance

Integration :: Performance :: Expansion

  • Security Configuration Development
  • Developer Security and IA Enforcement Tools & Procedures
  • Public Key Infrastructure Integration
  • Core Network Centric Features Support
  • Network Centric Identification, Authentication, and Authorization Integration
  • Active Directory (AD) Security Functions Transition
  • Information Assurance Certification and Evaluations Support
  • IA Architecture Support
Performance means little without protection, and today preserving the integrity of your organization’s information is absolutely vital. Command is aware of the entire continuum of potential IT environment vulnerability, whether archived in a database, or exchanged between stakeholders. We implement rigorous, robust security strategies and adaptable countermeasures that constantly adjust to meet shifting threats.
Command's certified Security Professionals deliver services in accordance with the DoD IT Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP/DIACAP) for unclassified and classified IT systems as well as, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines for federal civilian agencies.
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