Remote Management and Monitoring

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Avans's Remote Management Edition, enables remote monitoring of geographically distributed network resources. The solution helps equipment vendors deliver value that goes beyond supplying equipment to their customers. Post deployment, equipment vendors can offer services to monitor and manage devices for their customers. Equipment vendors can offer these services remotely from a central site, allowing it to be scaled easily as their customer base grows.
The solution offers the following benefits:
  • It enables a service delivery platform for equipment vendors.
  • It helps in optimization of operational costs.
  • It provides vendors increased visibility into the usage of the devices by their customers, which can be used in developing and improving the future versions of the device.
Avans, offers a secure, highly available, scalable, resilient and customizable service delivery platform which can be used for a wide range of equipments. The deployment involves installation of a central server at the network operations center with remote distributed mediation servers (DMS) installed at each customer location. The DMS collects status of devices in its location and communicates it to the central server. Operators and service personnel can access this information at the central site or be informed by an e-mail or a message on a mobile device.

Some of the key features of Avans Web NMS RME are:

  • Intelligent Distributed Architecture: Avans Web NMS RME is designed around a twin layer architecture that distributes intelligence and network facing functionalities across locations. With a local database and option to transmit data periodically and on demand, it efficiently uses a local archive of the performance and fault values. In case of link failures it also buffers the data and transmits it when the link is restored or available.

  • Support for multiple IP addresses: Critical when managing resources across multiple enterprises, Avans Web NMS RME supports management of devices with the same IP address in two different enterprises.

  • Communication Flexibility: Avans Web NMS RME supports remote monitoring and management with a flexible remote to center communication. The Distributed Mediation Server can connect to the central server either through a dedicated connection or through an on-demand dial-up connection. This ensures a cost-effective deployment across hundreds of locations with low resource requirements. The communication can either be one way, that is DMS to the central server, or two way, both the servers communicating with each other.

  • Communication Across Secure Networks: Factoring in the network security deployments across enterprises, the solution can manage devices and equipments across firewalls and NAT-enabled networks. This is implemented in a secure manner to ensure that the security of the enterprise is maintained at the initial level.

  • Integrated Multi-Tier Security: The system uses SSL based secure communication channel across the central and the remote site to ensure communication security.

  • Data segmentation: The solution offers customer-wise view of network information to allow operators to quickly get an overview of the status for each customer. The customer-wise view is available for all inventory fault and performance data.

  • Comprehensive Management: The system offers complete fault, configuration, performance and security management of devices and applications (optional) to enable vendors have enhanced visibility of the customer deployments. With interfaces to integrate with trouble-ticketing system, Avans Web NMS RME can be deployed as the basic engine powering a workflow system with network related information.

  • Integrated reporting: The system comes integrated with a comprehensive reporting engine for generating reports related to different performance parameters. Additionally, the system can be integrated with other third party reporting tools.
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