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Upgrade, Bckups & Data Transfers

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For many applications, data transfer services offer the maximum benefit. SAS/CONNECT provides these services by using the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD procedures. Presented here are scenarios that are well-suited to a data transfer solution.
However, if you plan to transfer SAS files between two Version 7 or Version 8 SAS sessions, you may be able to take advantage of the cross-environment data access (CEDA) facility. This facility is a more efficient way to transfer data between different types of hosts. For scenarios that use CEDA, see Using Cross-Environment Data Access (CEDA)
PROC UPLOAD and PROC DOWNLOAD in SAS/CONNECT permit a transferred SAS data set to inherit the characteristics of the input data set. If the OUT= option is omitted when transferring a specific SAS data set, then the transferred data set inherits the characteristics of the input data set. A transferred data set will also inherit the characteristics of the input data set if it is part of a library transfer (See the INLIB= and OUTLIB= options for PROC UPLOAD and PROC DOWNLOAD).
Note: Before using data transfer services, you must establish a connection between a local and a remote host by using the SIGNON statement. See Starting and Stopping SAS/CONNECT Software for more details.